IMG_2740I am Lesley. Sydney is home, but London is my life. The Parents are to blame thank for my transient nature: Hong Kong, Panama and Vietnam were also called home at various points in my past.

My all-encompassing love of food has found its way into every single aspect of my multi-faceted life, including, most recently, my profession. Having left a fast-paced career in sales and market research, I now work with one of London’s premier restaurant groups and am well on my way to finding my own duck-fat soaked happiness.

The Swede and I are West London locals and you can often find us milling around one of our favourite resident haunts – namely The Ladbroke Arms. We are both keen home cooks and never shy away from battle when it comes to who is in charge of heading up the kitchen on any given night. I usually win because I am really good at playing the cute card.

When I am not self-chained to the kitchen stove, I am running around London in search of dining establishments and watering holes to fall in love with. They only pass the test if they are worthy of dragging my [forever patient] friends and family along to. I am still trying to formulate my top ten list, so we will leave it as ‘a work in progress’ for now.

Since moving to London over a year ago, I have made a conscious effort to surround myself with equally food-obsessed people who I know I can share impassioned babble with over many a bite (see what I did there?!). You may recognise them from such social media channels as: my Instagram. They feed my soul. But souls are meant to be fed, so feel free to reach out if you want to share the love too –

Can’t be bothered to read? Me neither. Luckily, I am fairly easy to sum up:

Favourite Occasion Restaurant:  The Ledbury (London) or L’enclume (The Lake District).

Signature Cocktail: Zacapa Rum Old Fashioned.

Food Hate: Okra. Hate it. Hate everything about it.

Favourite Cuisine: Japanese. Every time.

Signature Dish: My tuna tataki is my number one requested dish. I can’t have a dinner party without it.

Most Splattered Cookbook: Matt Moran’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook…and every one of my Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazines (/my iPad if I don’t have a particular issue on hand).

Current Food Obsession: Truffle burrata, biltong and nigiri. But not together, obviously.

Ultimate Comfort Food: RAMEN.

Favourite Travel Destination: Take me anywhere in Latin America and I am happy. Or Vietnam. Or Japan…don’t make me choose!