IMG_2651As you have probably guessed, I like food. I like eating food, I like cooking food, I like reading about food, I like talking about food and I like travelling for food. Creating a space that will act as an outlet for my thoughts and provide a greater focus on my passion seemed like a no-brainer…or not, considering it has taken me over twenty-five (but not quite thirty) years to make it happen.

In any case, whether it is eating in or dining out, my whole life has seemingly tumbled into mass gravitational orbit, with the simple question ‘what is for dinner?’ forming its centre of gravity.

This is a personal journal that documents my weird and wonderful experiences, whatever they may be – but nine times out of ten, it will involve food. Anything about food. And sometimes travel. I like that too.

I am neither a photographer nor a writer. And I am not particularly funny. But I do hope you will join me on my adventures! Just remember that everything I write about reflects my own thoughts and opinions. And, occasionally, those of The Swede.

NB: Despite the fact my images more often than not fall into the ‘average at best’ category, they are still a little piece of me. Feel free to use them, but please ensure that I am acknowledged and a link to my blog is provided.