You, me…and Capri!

Positano was breathtaking.


Pompeii and Herculaneum had me in awe.


But on this trip, it was Capri that really stole my heart.


I am not sure exactly what it specifically was that won me over. Although it sure as shit wasn’t the over-dressed, garish clientele. Nor was it the extortionate prices (€35 for a simple pasta dish…in Italy!).


Perhaps it was the dramatic views. Or the fact that the seaside setting sent my little heart into overdrive as London has me so deprived when it comes to large expanses of water (no, the Thames doesn’t count). Or it may just have been because we visited the island during the first few excitement-filled, action-packed days of summer vacay. Either way, I had an absolute ball and would not hesitate to recommend a visit.


No plan is necessary. Just go to take in the Mediterranean surrounds…


Enjoy an Aperol or two in the sunshine…


And work on that pasta diet. [Spaghetti with clams more or less became my daily staple].


However, should you find yourself on that rocky little outcrop situated in the Bay of Naples, there is one thing I highly suggest that you do plan, and that is a visit to one of the beach clubs. There are a handful to choose from, but based on recommendations [you can always count on our jet-setting Zuma clientele!], we chose to rent a stretch of prime sunbathing real estate at La Fontelina.


In order to reserve a place on the ‘beach’ [read: sharp volcanic rocks coupled with concrete pavement], you will also need to book a table at the onsite restaurant. This could not be more perfect, given access follows a steep walk down a cliff, which will certainly not leave you wanting for an upward climb in search of lunch.


Bring a book, go early and rent yourself a sun lounger…

Have a spritz…


A swim…


And afford yourself a full day of sun, sea and relaxation…


Followed by a simple seafood lunch on the shaded patio…


Complete with rosé, of course.


As far as restaurants go on the island, there are a lot to choose from and obviously, some are better than others. In town, I liked Villa Verde. The people-watching was second to none and, more importantly, they were extremely generous with their truffle portions.


However, my overall favourite dinner had to be at Da Paolino, as something felt really special about dining in a family-run restaurant on a Mediterranean island under 130 fragrant lemon trees.


Plus the cheese-laden zucchini flower rigatoni was right up my alley.


We were lucky enough to spend the day with the owner, a fourth generation Capri-ite (yes, I made that word up), who took us around the island on his boat and proudly showed us all the beautiful things there were to see.


There was mesmerising cobalt-coloured water to dive into…


And spectacular rock formations to stare in wonderment at…


But I have to say that the high point of the day trip for me was having the opportunity to sample our Captain’s impossibly sweet homegrown peaches soaked in his absolutely delicious homemade white wine [alcohol related, how predictable]…


…And being able to taste his home-cured capers. Quite literally the best capers I have ever had in my life [food related, how predictable].


Most likely in a bid to curb my relentless gushing, I was gifted a bottle of my very own to bring home. These currently have pride of place in my refrigerator and stand jealously guarded by my watchful eye.


As the cooler weather begins to settle over London, the thought of our trip to that beautiful stretch of southern Italian coastline brings a smile and a touch of warmth to my day. How lovely it is to know that paradise resides less than a three hour flight away.

When I finally reach the end of my precious capers stash, it may well be time to return.




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