Holding onto Summer at Pergola on the Roof

You can feel when summer is drawing to a close. The days get shorter, the nights get cooler and the leaves begin to turn varying shades of brown. Many people revel in the changing of the seasons…but not I. I fucking hate it.


Cold, dark and wet. What’s not to love? Everything, that’s what. Even worse, the excuse to ‘day drink’ is unceremoniously ripped away from me. I love day drinking! But I fear that there is a veeery large disconnect between sipping on an Aperol Spritz in the sunshine [totally acceptable] and desperately throwing back red wine in a dingy pub at the crack of noon [a slippery slope].


Therefore, instead of simply accepting that months are indeed seasonal, I refuse to move on and cling helplessly to the idea that summer is indeed endless. It works pretty well…until I am literally forced indoors due to increasingly unfavourable weather conditions. And I must admit, there definitely comes a point when your drink no longer musters fond memories of summer…after all, spritzers begin to lose their lustre amidst the rain and sleet.


Nevertheless! I will carry on as I see fit. By some stroke of luck, The Influencer also sees fit…and so it was that we found ourselves parked at Pergola on the Roof one blustery, wet Saturday passed. An afternoon spent outdoors with good food and wine – summer had not departed yet! At least as far as we were concerned.


We met around 1:00PM and sidled up reservation-free. Despite the rough weather, we were surprised to find that basically all of the tables had been reserved. However, we happily grabbed one with a later sitting time and got to work on the surrounding food stalls. And a bottle of rosé, because it is summer and…day drinking.


As one of the first restaurants The Influencer and I had ventured to upon arrival in London, our sights were firmly set on Salt Yard. Never one to go past a padrón pepper (£5), these were up first. Hard to go wrong, these were predictably tasty and very satisfying.


The deep fried courgette [more commonly known as zucchini] flower, with Monte Enebro and drizzled with honey (£4.50), were also delicious, if a tad sweet.


However, the grilled aubergine [eggplant], smoked burrata, Phoenix Farm leaves and orange vinaigrette (£7) left me wanting. Leave. my. sphere. alone…do not, under any circumstance, tear apart that perfect little globe. Discovery of that creamy ooze is my job and my job alone.


To wrap everything up we each jumped on an ‘Ari Gold’ cheeseburger with fries from Patty&Bun (£7.50). With an aged beef patty, cheese, ketchup, pickled onions, lettuce, P&B mayo and brioche, it certainly did not disappoint…have I ever told you I love burgers? I love burgers. They are my guilty pleasure. This was a good one.


In fact I returned to Patty&Bun with Subby Hubby not long after.


…And don’t get me started on Shake Shack.


I digress. By the end of the afternoon, we were full and extremely happy. That may have also come down to the two bottles of rosé we managed to consume between the two of us [my Domestic Goddess duties did noooot go overly well that evening].

But whatever, it’s summer.

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    1. Love this. I am literally drinking a bottle (yep) of Provence rose as we speak. I don’t want to lose Summer quite yet – I’m not done with it!! Gary x

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